Blended Method

Mom hack blender batter pancakes. I know! Yes I made them in a blender to avoid a bigger mess of extra bowls, utensils, flour and batter everywhere. Does this count as a life hack to??‍? The kids think it’s cool too because they get to press the buttons on the blender and watch the ingredients whirl around. This is how I mixed the ingredients for the toasted banana pancakes which were in my last post. Here we go, it’s so easy.

1) Dump all of the dry ingredients into the blender.

2) Cover and shake the jar portion up a bit, put it back on the stand. You can also pour everything through a sifter just to make sure it’s integrated but honestly you’re putting it in a blender so self-explanatory.

3) Put your wet ingredients in the blender, that includes any fruit. If you want put them in a cup together first then the blender. Again this step isn’t necessary I just feel that the flavors are extra mixed together if that makes any sense ??‍♀️

4) Turn on your pan or griddle coat with oil or butter.

5) Blend on low then high adding more “milk” to get the consistency that you want.

6) Use the blender to pour the batter onto the hot surface, cook ?‍? and eat ?????⬅️ ok I’m getting a little too excited ?

Anyway enjoy! Let the little ones help too, the twins loved it. #sn Another hack, instead of mashing up bananas I just sliced them and laid them on the griddle. You can put them on first and cover them or you can put them on top of the raw batter of a freshly panned out pancake. And I’ve also made cake this way. LOL